Download Worksheets for Grade I – Maths, English, Tamil, EVS


Download Worksheets for Grade I – Maths, English, Environmental Studies(EVS) Worksheets

                   “Practice makes perfect”

In this competitive world today’s kids, not only kids their parents too searching for a way to find the right guidance for the preparation of examination. To ace the examination in each grade, syllabus and schedule alone will not help to get the 100% results, but the practice will make you perfect in every aspect of preparation. Download Worksheets for Grade I for Free.

UsefulDesk worksheets will help you to practice well for general and all competitive exams. In this page you can find the worksheets with questions including answers for all the grade(from Grade I to Grade V) subject and Chapter wise. It’s easy for all the students to practice just by downloading the page and mark the right answers. Also, you can refer the answers provided in the same page. It will help to give a very good practice for the kids and to do multiple and effective revisions.

Our worksheets are free to download and very easy to use and created by Well Trained experts.

Grade I Worksheets

Maths Worksheets for Grade 1

Picture Addition Worksheets:

Horizontal Addition Worksheets:

Vertical Addition Worksheets:

Add-Ends Addition Worksheets:

Number Counting Addition Worksheets:

Add and Match Worksheets:

Addition without carryover Worksheets:

Skip Counting Worksheets:

Ascending Order Worksheets:

Descending Order Worksheets:

Place Value Worksheets:

Subtraction Worksheets:

Picture Subtraction Worksheets:

Maths Worksheet – Multiplication Tables:

                   “Practice makes everyone perfect”

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