Values to develop to achieve great success in our life

What are the values to develop in our lives to be successful in eveything we do


Values to develop to achieve great success in our life

In our life we are often asked to be successful in life. Just what is meant by success?

Is it Money, Name or Fame?

Many would define success in life as at least one or all of them. But as we grow older, we realize Money, Name and Fame are only means to an end. We actually crave the growth in our intelligence, maturity to handle different situations on our own and the elusive peace that we want to feel in our hearts.

To get these, we must develop the following values in our lives:

Truthful: Always be truthful. But do not jeopardize your career or life by going to extreme lengths to be truthful.

Honest: Be honest, do not try to please everyone. People can always discern an honest comment from a dishonest one. Of course, you do not have to be on your face rude.

Courageous: Take risks, have the guts to go after your dreams. You may not get everything you wanted but nevertheless you will definitely achieve and learn a lot. Remember, aim for the stars, at least you will reach the roof!

Hardworking: Be very hardworking. Take enough rest so you do not burn out but when you work, put your heart and soul into it.

Simple Living: Try not to have too many possessions or expensive tastes. We are not going to take any valuables that we buy, after we die. With Simple living, we will not waste money and focus on what is necessary for a comfortable life.

Helpful: Be helpful to as many people you can. You will make many friends that way, who will return the favor later and will give you an idea of problems faced by others. You are not the only person who has issues in life. Timely help to others will give you a sense of belonging to the society which is very important to be happy.

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