Tips To Prepare For The Public Exams


Tips To Prepare For The Public Exams

We are much tensed about the most important exams in our student life – that of 10th and 12th.

While we all know a steady progress throughout our school life is very important, the crucial 10th and 12th carry their importance well into the middle of our careers because after 12th, is the admission to the colleges that form the foundation of our careers, even our lives.

How should we then prepare for these two examinations?

Firstly, we must be very clear about what subjects we want to take.

It is okay if you are weak in Mathematics and Science, but are very good in History, Geography and English.  Do not force yourself to follow the crowd. Especially, the proverbial Engineering and Medical fields.

Be clear about what you can excel in and enjoy studying. That should be your prime focus. So if you are in 10thstd think about what subjects you really want to take in 11th and 12th. Do not tell yourself I will do my best in 10th board exams and then choose Computer Science or Commerce based on board exam results. That is the first mistake students make.

Because, that is where you will find your true calling later on. Do not copy others in their choice of streams.

Secondly, do not try to be an expert in all subjects

Typically, Indian parents want their children to get centum in all subjects, and then if you also excel in sports, why that is of course okay too!! They need to be more understanding about the stresses involved in multi-tasking in today’s seriously competitive environment. The key is to focus your energies on subjects you will do well and not spread yourself thin trying to excel in everything and then making a mess of your exams.

Time is limited, your energy is limited. So try to aim at how much you think you can score and then focus your energy accordingly. For instance, if you are good at Mathematics but weak in Social Science, go for above average marks in Social Science and centum or top score in Mathematics.

Similarly, if you are good at Languages but weak in Mathematics, focus more on your strength and shine in it, instead of getting mediocre scores in both because you spent too much time on Mathematics. There are numerous opportunities for students now both in schools and colleges. Be an expert in what you like right from 10thstd onwards. Everybody cannot be an expert in everything. Be kind to yourself.

Thirdly, limit private tuitions for the subjects that you really need help

You will get exhausted if you try to rush to one tuition class after another just because your friends have signed up for all of them. This is especially true when the tuition classes are spread out geographically and have clashing or very close timings. You get no time to rest between regular school work and the tuition classes. You are tired, exhausted cramming yourself with too much information in a short time, have very little time to review what you have been taught and then complete the assignments and homework.

Lastly, try to eat healthy and sleep adequately everyday

Your only support is actually your body. Do not abuse it by studying late into nights every day of the week continuously.  You will burn out your mind and body and will not perform well on crucial tests that will take its toll on your self-confidence. It can even completely ruin your performance in actual board exams. It does not matter how well you perform in your mock tests at school, you need to perform on the day of the exams. That is what counts ultimately.

Also, if you snack on fast food at odd times of the day, then you are not hungry for the nutritious food that your brain needs. A body that has adequate vitamins, minerals and protein in diet helps in good comprehension and healthy brain activity. Eat healthy and eat well before bedtime. Never sleep on a full stomach.

All the best for your exam preparations

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