Tips to prepare for Technical Interview

Practical Tips on how to prepare for a Technical Interview


Tips to prepare for Technical Interview

You have an important interview coming up in two days. The interview is technical and this is the first time you are appearing for one.

How should you prepare for the technical interview?

Tamilnadu-12th-Question-Paper-2010-Computer-Science-MarchThe following are the tips to do well in a technical interview:

  1. List down the topics that you do not know in the technical subject

Whenever you are going to be tested face to face on technical matters, you should first of all know what you do not know. What are your weak points? If the subject is vast you will not have enough time to brush up on all topics.

  1. Find out which of your weak points or topics that you do not know well are important for the interview

Browse the internet, read through articles on common technical questions asked and shortlist the important topics that are in your list of weak points. Prepare yourself first on these topics. The topics in which you already have expertise should take lower precedence. Finally, the topics in which you are weak but are not in the commonly asked questions can take least precedence.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the technical expertise mentioned in the requirements list of job posting

Every job posting will mention the technical terms and expertise required to handle the job. Make sure you make a list of this and become familiar with the technical terms. You need not have experience in all of them, but you must make the effort to at least know the full form, and where it is used. Refresh yourself on the terms you already know. Do not take your memory for granted.

  1. Brush up on the technical expertise you used in each of your projects

The technical interview will be based on requirements of the company and also on projects you have mentioned in your resume. Go over your resume at least twice and list the technical terms you have used in each of your projects. You must know about all the technologies you have worked on. This is very important in a technical interview.

  1. Have mock interviews with your friends

For face to face technical interviews, you will not have the luxury of thinking for a while before answering a question, like in written exams. The maximum response time would be about 4 seconds, that’s all! Therefore it is imperative that you test yourself in mock interviews with friends. Time yourself; be aware of how much you stall while answering a question.

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