Tips to prepare for personal interview

Tips on how to attend a personal interview and excel in it


Tips to prepare for personal interview

Personal Interview is usually the final interview in several rounds of interviews to land your coveted job. Typically, you would have already cleared the technical screening written test, technical face to face interview and cross-checking with references given by you.

Personal interview is by far the most critical interview that will decide your future. Here are some of the most important tips to prepare for personal interviews:Tamilnadu-12th-Question-Paper-2008 English-II June

  1. Know about the company or organization that is interviewing you

For Personal interviews, you must first of all have basic general knowledge about the company. Go to the official website, read reviews about the company or organization. Know in general about the business and the clientele of the company.

  1. Learn to make eye contact while speaking

It is very important to appear confident in an interview. The first rule is to look at the interview panel and speak. Do not look elsewhere in the interview room or look at the table etc. while answering a question.

  1. Mind your body language

Do not shake your leg or play with a pen in your hand. Do not fidget with your dress.  Body language is very minutely assessed in an interview. The interview is as much about the personality you project as it is about your knowledge or experience.

  1. Be careful about your personal attire including footwear

You should wear fresh and neatly ironed clothes. Make sure your shoes or sandal is not dirty or worn out. Use a mild perfume or deodorant especially in hot weather because you will tend to perspire.

  1. What to do when you do not know the answer for a question or do not understand the question

Please ask the interviewer to repeat the question if you do not understand the question. You must first clearly understand what is being asked. If you do not know the answer at all, say it upfront. Do not give vague answers or throw jargon around. The person interviewing you will easily figure out whether you actually know something, based on your answer.


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