Tips to prepare for bank exams like IBPS,PO,SO,Clerk,RRBs


Tips to prepare for bank exams like IBPS – PO, SO, Clerk, RRBs

Things you must Prepare for IBPS Exams:

IBPS Bank Exams
IBPS Bank Exams
  • Analytical and Numerical Reasoning
  • English and Comprehension
  • Computer Science
  • Current Affairs
  • General Knowledge

Positions/ Vacancies you can apply:

  • Clerk
  • PO – Probationary Officer
  • SO – Specialist Officer

Bank exams (IBPS Exams) are one of the more competitive exams in India that test your Analytical, Comprehension, English, Numerical reasoning and Computer knowledge.

They are the doorway to the much sought after public sector bank jobs known for their job security and regular promotion based on performance although the salary is lesser compared to private sector banks.

The main idea behind preparing for bank exams is to ensure you not only pass the exam but get well near the top 10-20% to be selected in reputed banks.

Firstly, get the full list of banks in India that will accept common bank test results. Then, have shortlisted names of banks that you desire to get into. Look at the job vacancies posted by these Banks.

You must also be clear about the actual position you are attempting to get into – Clerk, Probationary Officer (PO) or Specialist Officer (SO).

In order to get familiar with what type of questions are asked, read through old bank exam question papers. It is very important to do this since the pattern of questioning will be similar. Try to get a set of old bank exam question papers with solutions since you can then check whether your answers were correct and also know the mistakes in your approach. Practice with model or sample bank exam question papers.

It is important to do well in the English language test. Most of the Indians do well in numerical reasoning and analytical tests but fail or do very poorly in the English test in the bank exams. The key to learning English is that you need to learn it on a continual basis. Apart from learning basic English, you must read news in English, books in English and also try to speak in English as much as you can.Because in the bank exams, they will test your comprehension, that is how fast and correctly you understand a paragraph, sentence completion, antonyms and synonyms etc. Start as early as possible and set aside time for English every day.

The General awareness test will test your knowledge of what is happening in India and in the Banking sector. About 40-45% of the questions will only be about banks. You should study about Indian economy, Banking terms or abbreviations and the full form, Banking instruments used, RBI, and Technologies used in banking. You must also be aware of latest News in India, Government policies, major government projects and names of important positions and people holding these positions.

The Computer knowledge test mainly covers basic knowledge of computer parts, the hardware and software used, the Operating system, Networking and Internet terms, popular windows software that you will use on a daily basis as a bank employee, latest innovation in computer field and lastly technologies and computer terms used by banks.

The Logical Reasoning test will cover choosing correct pattern based on Venn diagrams, assumptions based on statements, conclusions based on statements, actions based on statements, and comprehension questions. Although they will not be as tough as those in CAT or GMAT, do practice with logical reasoning questions in these exams. They are a good preparation for logical reasoning in bank exams.

Finally, the Numerical ability test will test your ability to handle numeric calculations without using calculator. You must practice for this test strictly using a timer. The main types of questions will be on Simple Interest – Compound Interest, Fractions, Ratios, Price and Expenditure, Percentages and Mensuration Formulas.


IBPS – Institute of Banking Personnel Selection

RRBs – Regional Rural Banks or Gramin Banks

PO – Probationary Officers

SO – Specialist Officers

CWE – Common Written Exam

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