Tips to improve confidence level of your child – Advice for Parents

Advice on improving confidence level of children


Tips to improve confidence level of your child – Advice for Parents

A child, as it grows learns from its parents, friends and society.

To improve the confidence level in your child is a very important responsibility for parents.

So what are the ways you can help make your child more confident?

We have shortlisted the top 5 ways you can improve your child’s confidence.

  1. Never scold harshly: When your child makes a mistake, never scold it harshly especially in front of others. It is natural to make mistakes and if a child comes up to you and owns it, try to see it from the child’s perspective. If your child breaks a glass, try to tell the child why broken glass is dangerous. Instead do not scold it saying it is an expensive glass and that the child is clumsy etc. You must groom your child to understand why making the mistake is harmful without hurting its feelings.
  1. Praise only when necessary: For your child, your praise is priceless. But only when it is not lavish and when the child has earned it. For instance, suppose your daughter is looking pretty in the pink frock, you should of course tell her how pretty she looks, but do not overdo it by telling in front of others to each and every friend of yours. Your child will feel awkward and shy instead. Of course left to yourself, you will probably want to tell the whole world how cute your little princess looks!
  1. Try to solve the problem and do not blame your child: This is a typical scenario when parents find that after repeated effort, their child is not learning well at school or doing better in say mathematics. Analyze what the problem could be – Does your child learn better with pictures than words? Does your child concentrate better at a particular time of the day? Does she have a liking for some subjects only? Never blame the child saying you are not working hard or you do not understand etc.
  1. Reward your child for achievements: Always remember to reward your child when it achieves something. This is the biggest confidence booster for a child. It need not be extravagant but the gesture will go a long way in making your child happy, eager to work hard next time also and improve its self-confidence and self-worth.
  1. Keep your promises: The last and most important way to improve your child’s confidence level is to never hurt the confidence it has in you as parent. So if you promise to buy ice cream Friday night, make sure you keep your word. It is the only way a child learns that you consider it precious enough to keep your promise, you respect the child enough to go the extra mile no matter how much work you have or how tired you are.

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