Tips to develop leadership qualities or skills and improve your life

Tips to improve your leadership skills and get ahead in life


Tips to develop leadership qualities or skills and improve your life

Leadership qualities are a very important necessity as more and more people are starting their own business in all walks of life in India. It is not just in the business world, but in teaching, sports, research and even arts that people realize they need to improve their leadership skills if they want to survive and thrive.

Who is a leader? Someone who takes charge of the situation, takes responsibility and can understand what needs to be done to reach the goal.

If you want to be a leader, say of your department in office or start-up team remember the cardinal rule – you should command respect not demand it.

Basically, in order to develop leadership qualities, one must have self-respect. To develop self-respect you must become an expert in your field. Try to learn the basics about your field every day and slowly build up your knowledge base. Remember it cannot be done overnight.

Team work is everything – nothing can be achieved without it. Some of the key points in leadership quality are mastering the art of bringing together a team, coordinating and delegating within the team to achieve the desired goal.

A leader never demotivates his or her team members. Every team member’s strength and weakness must be understood well and the leader should delegate, balance work load and keep an eye on the approaching deadline also. The idea is to finish the task with the given team in the given time line.

When the team is trying to achieve the goal, tempers can flare up, egos hurt and misunderstandings can crop up over the simplest of things. It is the leader’s responsibility to ensure that peace is restored quickly and amicably. Nobody likes to be told that they have made a mistake or need to make improvement. One of the not so pleasant aspects of improving leadership qualities is to master the art of conveying the unpleasant message in a palatable way. Mention the work done correctly and then point out the mistakes in a firm tone, making sure it is not nasty or rude in any way. Everybody has their own pride. A leader should never hurt any team member’s pride. That will only lead to demotivation and derail the whole team.

Often times it happens that a leader also reports to a superior. As a leader, you must never let your team down in front of your superiors or sneak about some team members behind their backs. Try to bat for your team as much as you can so that they do not feel insecure and can trust you to not let them down.

The last aspect of improving leadership qualities is to constantly strive to be a better human being. You should have values in your life such as truthfulness, honesty, hardworking, and genuinely care about the welfare of people outside your inner circle. Only when you learn to be a likeable and respected person can your team really come close to you and follow your directives. Your team should admire you as a leader and choose to emulate you.

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