Tips to improve the confidence level in writing exams for 10th and 12th students


Tips to improve the confidence level in writing exams

How do you improve your confidence level in writing exams?

Confident Level
To improve confidence level

This is a very common question that students ask themselves and their teachers. It does not matter if you can answer questions when you are on your own, what happens when you get stuck up when a teacher asks the same question? Worse, if you freeze during the exams and you cannot remember the answers?

Do not judge yourseldf immediately:-

Please realize that it is not the end of the world if you cannot remember immediately. Take a deep breath, relax and do not be your own inner judge immediately. The mistake that we all do is to scrutinize our work even before we have started. We perform the best when we are in the zone when there is no inner voice criticizing every word we are writing. Voices like “Oh my God I can’t remember!” “Damn I knew this question will come” or “I don’t know this, I can’t do this”

That sinking feeling when you feel you are your worst critic and cannot perform because of that. Do not panic or give in to the fear. Tell yourself “Okay I can do this. I have prepared for this”
If possible keep a bottle of water next to you. Taking a small sip of water does wonders to calm you and help tackle the difficult question at hand.

Also, try not to look around when you get nervous. It is important not to get distracted or get even more nervous seeing everybody focusing on their paper.  Even looking outside the examination hall if you are near the window or door is better avoided. Concentrate on the exam with full seriousness.
The main strategy is to take it one step at a time. The exam is nothing but a set of questions. So tackle one question at a time. If a question is difficult or is taking more time then skip it and try to come back to it later. Never get stuck up in one question for a long time especially if it is a low scoring question. Try to allocate more time for the questions that will fetch you more marks for correct answer.

If you have a flow while answering the question paper, you will feel confident and will do your best. If instead you constantly jump from one question to another, wasting time deciding which question to answer first, you will get more anxious and nervous. This in turn will affect your confidence.

Have a plan before you start the exam:

The key is to have a plan before you start the exam, and then sticking to the plan as much as you can. Be clear about the topics in the subject that you have prepared well, and the topics that you just skimmed through for lack of time. Don’t get nervous when you see questions on topics that you did not study well; comementally prepared that such a thing can happen. With exams covering vast topics and preparation time being very minimal, you should be clear that you cannot answer the questions for which you actually did not prepare. Concentrate instead on questions for which you actually studied well.

Minor things that affect your confidence level:

Some other minor things that affect your confidence level, is outwardly showing your nervousness. If you are shaking your leg a lot while writing the exam, it adds to the stress. When we force ourselves to be externally calm it helps us focus internally also. If you are sweating a lot because of tension never forget to keep a hanky or paper napkin handy.

Essential for your confidence level:

Lastly, a neat and tidy appearance for the examination is absolutely essential for your confidence. Your clothes should be fresh and clean, smell good, and should not have stains or missing buttons. They should be comfortable and not be too tight. Always ensure you feel good about your appearance when you are taking an important examination.


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