Top 10 Personality Development tips that will help you succeed in life

Top 10 personality development tips that will improve your life and help you succeed in all your ventures


Top 10 Personality Development tips that will help you succeed in life

We often wonder how famous people appear so polished, suave and well mannered. They have what we call a very good Personality.  Is it because they are rich, had studied in International Schools and had educated parents? Or is it because they speak such good English? Or is it because they were groomed by the company they keep?

Personality is developed over time and not overnight. Here are the top 10 personality development tips:

  1. Learn to speak English fluently: Although English is a foreign language in India, it is the ubiquitous lingua franca of educated people nationwide and globally. It will help you communicate with many more people all over the world.
  1. Be an expert in your field: If you invest time in learning about your chosen profession, it gives you that extra edge when you interact with your customers or clients. You will be respected and that in turn will further improve your personality.
  1. Develop Self Confidence: You will be surprised to know that personality actually stems from self-confidence. Confidence in your knowledge and skills. Respecting yourself is a very important part of personality development.
  1. Learn to communicate clearly: It is not enough if you know a language well. You must learn to communicate your thoughts in a clear way. Prepare your thoughts well before you actually speak out. Understand the situation and type of people around, set your goal, and then speak.
  1. Keep yourself Physically Fit: A well developed and healthy body is very important to develop confidence, which in turn affects your personality. When you are healthy and fresh, your whole face will glow with your energy and emanate a very impressive personality. Exercise regularly and eat healthy food.
  1. Have a hobby: Do not just focus on work alone. Expand your mind by having a hobby. This will help de-stress yourself, make your mind fresh and help with work burnout. You develop a well-rounded personality only by having a life outside your office.
  1. Have friends from different walks of life: Personality development is all about meeting new people and making new friends. Your friends could give you a different perspective in life, you will learn to think in different ways and respect each other’s views. The main idea behind making new friends is that you are exposed to different people that mold your personality.
  1. General knowledge and Current affairs knowledge: To improve your personality, keep yourself abreast of what is going in your city, country and around the world. When you are conversing with others it will give you a good base to contribute your ideas and thoughts on what is happening currently.
  1. Read interesting books: Books are definitely your best friend in this world. They teach you common sense, real life stories inspire you or teach you not to make similar mistakes. A well-read person really lives thousands of lives through the books he or she reads. It will improve your personality in many ways.
  1. Have a goal in life always: Lastly, always have goals to reach at each stage in your life. This will help you steer your way in life, otherwise you will unnecessarily be pulled in different directions by others. Do not stagnate in life. Focus on what you want, that way, you concentrate your energies in self-improvement, and in the end you improve your personality.

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