C# Interview Questions And Answers for Freshers

Important C# interview questions for freshers which are asked in most of the interviews


C# Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers


  1. Define Class.
  2. Define Object.
  3. Define Struct.
  4. What is the difference between Class and Struct?
  5. Inheritance in C#.
  6. Polymorphism in C#.
  7. Encapsulation in C#.
  8. Interface in C#.
  9. What is abstract class in C#?
  10. Define Constructor
  11. Define Destructor
  12. What is Static Constructor?
  13. Reflection in C#.
  14. Define value type
  15. Define reflection type
  16. Data types in C#.
  17. What is Static method?
  18. What is Instance method?
  19. What is Virtual method in C#?
  20. Define Override method.
  21. Define Abstract method.
  22. Define Method Overloading.
  23. Define indexers.
  24. Define Enum.
  25. Define Arrays in C#.
  26. What are the types of arrays in C#?
  27. Define Attributes.
  28. Define white space
  29. Define escape sequence.
  30. Define grammar
  31. Define lexical grammar/syntactic grammar
  32. Define literals.
  33. What are the types of literals?
  34. Define Boxing and Unboxing.
  35. Define Open and Closed types.
  36. Define bound and unbound types.
  37. Define Static variable.
  38. Define instance variable.
  39. Define Array elements
  40. Types of parameters in C#.
  41. Define value parameter, output parameter, ref parameter
  42. Define Local variables
  43. Define Lock statements and yield statement.
  44. Define try catch, try finally and try catch finally in C#.
  45. Define anonymous function or anonymous method.
  46. Abstract class in C#.
  47. Sealed class in C#.
  48. Define partial modifier
  49. Define access modifier
  50. Define unsafe code
  51. Generics in C#.
  52. Define partial class in C#.
  53. Tuple in C#?

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