Common questions asked in an Interview

Questions most commonly asked in an interview and how to answer them


Common questions asked in an Interview

An interview is conducted to evaluate your suitability for the job. The common questions that are asked in an interview by and large test if you will be able to perform your duties efficiently, you will contribute towards the growth of the company and ensure you are aligned with the overall values of the organization or company.

There are about five questions that are commonly asked in interviews. They are:

  1. Tell me about yourself – You must be prepared to speak briefly about your educational background, total experience, current designation and employer name and present location. Your answer should not be for more than 45 seconds.
  1. Why did you decide to apply for this job? OR Why do you want a job change? – Answer honestly and to the point – it could be for better opportunities, change of location, better salary or a more challenging job.
  1. What are your strengths? –  Your answer should be relevant to the organization OR company. It could be managerial skills, planning skills, communication skills, client interaction, analytical skills etc. Do not mention skills that will be of no use to the company – for instance, accounting skills in a chemicals company.
  1. Can you tell me about your most challenging project? – Prepare beforehand which project you are going to talk about and why it was challenging. Speak about the ways you used your technical, analytical and managerial skills to successfully complete the project.
  1. Do you have any questions for us? – This is usually the final question in the interview, normally, you will not have any, and you should say so. But if you do have any questions, please ask them. For instance work timings, overtime pay, leave policy, cab service etc. that are not informed beforehand. Sometimes, it could be a deal breaker for you. Maybe you may opt for a better offer based on the answer.


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