CA Exams – Registration, Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Results

Chartered Accountant - CA Exams - Registration, Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Results


CA Exams – Registration, Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Results

Chartered Accountants are regarded as one of the highest paying career professionals in India. Chartered Accountancy is a good career option if you are interested in subjects like taxation and accounting. The career path to become a Chartered Account (CA) is challenging but is very promising. The entire Chartered Accountancy course duration is almost 5 years. So if you are willing to take up a career as a Chartered Accountant, you shall be prepared to devote that much time to your education.

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There is a good demand for Chartered Accountancy professionals in India within private as well as public organisations. A qualified CA is hired to deal with the account details of an organisation. They also help in solving disputes and preventing bankruptcy. If you are planning to pursue this career then it is a better idea to start after class 10. Find out the Chartered Accountancy course details below:

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Chartered Accountancy Course Details and CA Exams:

  • CPT (Common Proficiency Test)
  • IPCC (Integrated Professional Competence Course)
  • FC (Final course)

CA Exam Details:

  • CA Foundation Exam – CPT Exam Details – Click Here
  • CA Intermediate Exam – IPCC Exam Details – Click Here
  • FC Final Course Exam Details – Click Here

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