Buy India Products



What’s this? We hear this everywhere….

People started thinking of buying Indian products. That’s a real start! But why? Are we aware of the Indian products? Which are all Indian brands? Lots of question to think and to be answered.

To start answering our questions, buying an international product has created a good feel in our mind. We feel buying foreign products will meet the quality. that isn’t true. We can recollect lots of MNC products like baby soaps, cool drinks and other food items which lost their quality, came to our notice. But still after then we feel they are the best. LET’S CHANGE OUR MIND. Look at the same products produced in India. Be aware of Indian brands. Our country men are the owner of it. We should be proud to use them.

Now let’s get to the other part of the story. Why should we use Indian product? Simple…. To raise our economy. We pay 10 times more money to buy a foreign cool drink. The huge profit percentage goes to their country. The company manufactures the product here, we buy the product here but money goes to their country!!! On the other hand our economy goes down.

Real Indian should think about this seriously. Let me remind a slogan


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