Bihar Class 12th Time Table 2020

Bihar Class 12th Time Table 2020


Bihar Class 12th Time Table 2020

Class: 12th

Class 12th Examination on: 03 February 2020

12th Exam Starts on :  03 February 2020

12th Exam Ends on : 13 February 2020

Class 12th Exam timing:

09.30 AM – 12.45 PM and 1.45 PM – 05.00 PM

Bihar Class 12th Time Table 2020:

Date 1st Sitting
9.30A.M. to 12.45P.M.
2nd Sitting

1.45 P.M. to 5.00 P.M.

03.02.2020 (Monday) Physics (I.Sc.) History (I.A.)
R.B. Hindi (Vocational Course)
04.02.2020 (Tuesday) Chemistry (I.Sc.) Political Science (I.A.)
English (Vocational Course)
05.02.2020 (Wednesday) Biology (I.Sc.) Economics (I.A.)
Foundation Course (Vocational Course)
06.02.2020 (Thursday) N.R.B (I.Sc. & I.Com) Computer Science (I.A., I.Sc., & I.Com.)

Multimedia & Web Tech. (I.A., I.Sc., & I.Com.)

Yoga & Physical Edu. (I.A.)

07.02.2020 (Friday) Mathematics (I.Sc. & I.A.) M.B. (I.Sc. & I.Com)
Vocational Trade-I (Vocational Course)
08.02.2020 (Saturday) Agriculture (I.Sc.)
Music (I.A.)
Entrepreneurship (I.Com.)
Geography (I.A.)
10.02.2020 (Monday) Language Subject (I.Sc. & I.Com) Psychology (I.A.)
Vocational Trade-II (Vocational Course)
11.02.2020 (Tuesday) N.R.B. (I.A.) Philosophy (I.A.)
Vocational Trade-III (Vocational Course)
12.02.2020 (Wednesday) Language Subject (I.A.) Sociology (I.A.)
Business Studies (I.Com.)
Related Subjects (Vocational Course)
13.02.2020 (Thursday) Home Science (I.A.)
Economics (I.Com)
M.B. (I.A.)
Accountancy (I.Com.

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