Bihar Class 12th Time Table 2019

Bihar Class 12th Time Table 2019


Bihar Class 12th Time Table 2019

Class: 12th

Class 12th Examination on: 06 February 2019

12th Exam Starts on :  06 February 2019

12th Exam Ends on : 16 February 2019

Class 12th Exam timing:

09.30 AM – 12.45 PM and 1.45 PM – 05.00 PM

Bihar Class 12th Time Table 2019:

Date1st Sitting
9.30 A.M. to 12.45 P.M.
2nd Sitting

1.45 P.M. to 5.00 P.M.

06.02.2019 (Wednesday)Biology (I.Sc)
R.B. Hindi (Vocational Course)
Philosophy (I.A )
Entrepreneurship (I.Com)
07.02.2019 (Thursday)Language Subject (I.A.)Computer Science (I.A., I.Sc. & I.Com)
Multi-Media & Web. Tech. (I.A., I.Sc. & I.Com)
Foundation Course (Vocational Course)
08.02.2019 (Friday)Physics (I.Sc)
Yoga & Physical Edu. (I.A.)
History (I.A)
English (Vocational Course)
09.02.2019 (Saturday)N.R.B. & M.B. (I.A.)Accountancy (I.Com.)
Vocational Trade-I (Vocational Course)
11.02.2019 (Monday)Chemistry (I.Sc.)Political Science (I.A.)
Vocational Trade – II (Vocational Course)
12.02.2019 (Tuesday)Agriculture (I.Sc)
Music (I.A.)
Business Studies (I.Com.)
Geography (I.A.)
13.02.2019 (Wednesday)Language Subject (I.Sc. & I.Com)Psychology (I.A.)
Vocational Trade – III (Vocational Course)
14.02.2019 (Thursday)N.R.B. & M.B. (I.Sc. & I. Com)Sociology (I.A.)
Related Subjects (Vocational Course)
15.02.2019 (Friday)Mathematics (I.Sc. & I.A.)Economics (I.A.)
16.02.2019 (Saturday)Home Science (I.A.)
Economics (I.Com.)

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