75 important Real Time .NET Interview Questions – Real Scenarios

important Real Time .NET Interview Question and answers


75 important Real Time .NET Interview Questions

Real Time .NET Interview Question and Answers:

  1. Page life cycle of ASP.NET (ASP.NET Interview Question)
  2. Application life cycle in ASP.NET or MVC? (Ex: Application_Start, Application_Init, Application_End, Application_End) (ASP.NET Interview Question)
  3. Tell something, you initialize or write code inside application events in your project. (ASP.NET Interview Question)
  4. What is the use of global.asax file? (ASP.NET Interview Question)
  5. What is application pool and what is the main use of application pool? (IIS – .NET Interview Questions)
  6. We have one interface with 5 methods? We implemented those methods in a class. But one of your clients wants to use only three methods of that interface. Then how you inherit the same interface to implement only three methods. (Real-time interview question)
  7. What are JQuery selectors? JQ
  8. Explain some JQuery selectors you used in your application. JQ
  9. How to hide all the controls in your asp.net page using a single line of JQuery syntax. JQ Real-time
  10. How to remove and add a CSS class in JQuery in single line. JQ Real-time
  11. How many clustered indexes we can create in a table.
  12. Is it possible to call multiple functions in one store procedure?
  13. Is it possible to call one function in multiple stored procedures?
  14. How to find all the stored procedure names which used a single function (for ex: GetEmployeeName function?
  15. What are the things you do to optimize a query or stored procedure?
  16. What is the purpose of using profiler in SqlServer?
  17. How to choose or find the column name which needs to implement clustered index?
  18. The execution time of a stored procedure is very high. How can you find which query statement inside the procedure is very slow. Then how you optimize the query to solve the performance issue of that SP?
  19. Which one is good in performance while you compare between stored procedure and functions?
  20. Which one is good in performance while you compare between joins and sub queries?
  21. Write a simple query in LINQ.
  22. Write a simple query in LINQ using Lambda Expression.
  23. Write a simple join query in LINQ.
  24. Write a join query using multiple tables in LINQ?
  25. Write a left join query using 2 tables in LINQ?
  26. We have two methods for method overloading? (a) public string Calculate(int a, int b) (b) public int Calculate(int a , int b). Is these method implement method overloading?
  27. In ASP.NET, if any error throws it finally hits Application_Error event. Inside Application_Error event you wrote a code to redirect to another page. That page also has some error. If so, what will happen?
  28. You call three store procedures (Insert, update and update) inside a stored procedure, in some case, the insert stored procedure throws exception. Then what happened to the next two store procedures. Those SPs are executed or not?
  29. What are the things you do to improve the performance of you r application in Data Access Layer level?
  30. What are the things you do to improve the performance of your application in C#?
  31. What are the main things you concentrate while you review the code of your junior?
  32. What the main things you give first importance while you design a database structure?
  33. Session management in ASP.NET. (Very important question)
  34. Where the session is stored while you use session in your application?
  35. Types of session storage you used in your application? How and Why?
  36. Write the syntax of ajax call in MVC.
  37. What is the difference between “Get” and “Post’ methods?
  38. What is the purpose of using AllowGet in Json?
  39. How to call a Grid control inside a grid control in ASP.NET?
  40. What is XSS (Cross site scripting) in MVC?
  41. What is anti-forgery token? How to implement anti-forgery token in MVC?
  42. What is dependency injection?
  43. What is IOC (Inversion of control) concept?
  44. Types of dependency injections.
  45. How you implement the DI (Dependency injection) in your application?
  46. What is HTML helper class?
  47. Did you use any custom HTML helper classes in you MVC project? If yes, then explain the purpose of it.
  48. What are the types of validation you used in your MVC application? How you implement those validations in you MVC applications?
  49. What are the types of exception handling methods you used in your applications?
  50. You implement an application which is used inside a premise (Intranet application). Then which WCF binding method you used in your application.
  51. What is the difference between HttpBindings and wsHttpBindings?
  52. What are the types of authentications you used in application (ASP.Net or MVC).Explain it in brief.
  53. What are the tools you used to test the Rest API?
  54. What is the purpose of using having clause in SqlServer?
  55. What is the use of Dynamic keyword in C#?
  56. How to authenticate the WebAPI you wrote?
  57. How to define or differentiate the Get and Post in your WebAPI?
  58. What is the default timeout of session in your application?
  59. What is the maximum length of Query string?
  60. What is use of RenderBody, RenderSection and RenderPage in MVC?
  61. What is ViewBag, ViewData and TempData?
  62. What is the difference between ViewBag, ViewData and TempData?
  63. I transferred a value using TempData from one action to another action. In the second action method, I call (redirect to ) another action method. In that third action method, I try to get the value of the TempData. Is that value is available in that TempData?
  64. You have a three gridviews in a page. First grid contains 100 records. Second grid contains 10 billion records. Third grid contains 10 records. You call ajax methods to retrieve the data. In this case, which grid is loaded first? Or else, is all the grids are loaded at the same time?
  65. A MVC view page contains two grids. One is Employee details and another one is Customer details. In the view page you should call only the employee model class. Then how you fill the customer details in the second grid?
  66. How to call more than one model inside a view in MVC?
  67. Explain about the MVC architecture.
  68. Explain about the MVC life cycle.
  69. What is the use of map routing in MVC?
  70. How many route tables are available in a MVC application?
  71. Write the syntax of implement routing in MVC?
  72. Write a CSS class or method to view a page in multiple resolutions (Responsive design).
  73. What is bundling?
  74. In an ASP.NET page, two content panels each have a text box and a button control. How to load/reload only the first panel, if we hit the button in the first panel?
  75. What is the difference between abstract class and interface? C#


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