25 Important .NET Interview Topics for Experienced professionals

Important Topics to know before attend the .NET Interviews for Experienced .NET professionals


25 Important .NET Interview Topics for Experienced professionals

Experienced .NET professionals should know these 25 important topics before attend the .NET Interviews. Most of the interviewers asked .net interview questions from the following topics. So you experienced .net professionals go through all the topics before attend the interview. If the company specifically asked for any technologies like WCF or AngularJs or Rest API or MVC or ASP.NET, you should concentrate more on those topics. Also you should have the basic knowledge in most of the topics.

The important .NET interview topics as below:

  1. OOPs
  2. Project Architecture
  3. ASP.NET
  4. MVC
  5. HTML Helpers
  6. Basic and Advanced C# Concepts
  7. Javascript and JQuery
  8. SqlServer
  9. Web Services or WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) or WebAPI (Restful) or ALL
  10. ADO.NET or Entity Framework or Both
  11. Dependency Injection
  12. Design Pattern
  13. HTML5 and Bootstrap
  14. Methodologies (like Water Fall Model, Agile Methodology, etc).
  15. Encryption Decryption
  16. Exception Handling
  17. Security (Authentication and Authorization)
  18. Query Optimization
  19. Performance Improvements
  20. Code Review
  21. Project Documentations
  22. MSBI (SSIS, SSAS or SSRS) (Added Advantage)
  23. AngularJS, Knockout JS (Added Advantage)
  24. Tools (like Telerik, KendoUI, Crystal Report, Stimulsoft etc) (Added Advantage)
  25. Payment gateways (Added Advantage)


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