12th Commerce One Mark Online Test 7

Test yourself by taking the 12th Commerce one mark Online Quiz


12th Commerce One Mark Online Test 7

To score full marks in 12th public exams, one mark questions play the most important role in your exams. Here we provide you 12th Commerce One Mark Online Test 7 Quiz.

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1. ________ is the oldest stock exchange in the world.

2. There are ___ stock exchange in the country.

3. Stock exchanges deal in

4. Stock exchange allow trading in

5. Jobbers transact in a stock exchange

6. A pessimistic speculator is

7. An optimistic speculator is

8. A bull operator believes in

9. _____ Means the price at which securities are bought and sold are recorded and made public.

10. The rules and regulations of Stock exchange is framed by guide lines.

11. Amsterdam stock exchange was established in the year

12. Which of the following securities are bought and sold are recorded and mad public?

13. People like to invest in the shares of such companies which yield

14. Stock exchange requires recognition from the

15. Stock exchange encourages

16. Jobbers are also called as

17. The prices of different securities traded are shown on

18. Who act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers of securities?

19. Tejiwala is an

20. A bear is a

21. National stock exchange was incorporated in

22. The normal trading time for equity market is between

23. The right to sell security is called

24. The right to buy is called

25. Stock exchange allows trading in

26. Jobbers transact in a stock exchange

27. A stock exchange is a place to

28. ______is one of the important constituents of capital market.

29. _____ is on organized market for the purchase and sale of industrial and financial security.

30. _______is the most popular stock exchange in the world.

31. ________ is considered as the oldest stock exchange in the world.

32. _______ is an integral part of stock exchange operations.

33. Stock exchange does not buy or sell any securities on its _____account.

34. Stock exchange regulates the _____activities.

35. _______ are not allowed to enter in the trading circles of the stock exchange.


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